1st June 2018

View all your trips in the app

Trip management is one of the core capabilities provided by travel apps. At Egencia, we keep enhancing it to give you everything you need for your business travels, in one single app.

Did you know that you can now see all your trips in the app? This includes current, upcoming, past, group, awaiting approval and saved trips. This is also true for arrangers viewing their travelers’ trips from the app.

Tip for travelers: If you save a trip on desktop, it will also display in the app (and vice versa). If you call an agent, they will see it as well. With Egencia, you can access the same information on every channel.

Tip for travel arrangers: You can leverage this feature to propose different options to your travelers by saving them and naming them “Option 1” / “Option 2”. Those options will appear in your travelers’ trip lists, on desktop and on the app.

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