4th December 2019

Unused air ticket process – update

We understand that plans change.  When you’ve made an air booking and you cannot make the flight, this might lead to an unused air ticket, meaning you’ve lost that money you’ve spent for your trip.

Already available with Egencia in North America, EMEA and India, Egencia is excited to announce a systematic and proactive approach to unused airline ticket service starting in December for customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

All unused tickets before 20th Dec, 2019 will be refunded following the previous process requested by traveler. If they have not been requested, Egencia will not refund retroactively

General overview

Q: When will this service be available

A: In EMEA, India and North America – it is already live. In APAC countries of Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, it will be available from third week of Dec’2019

Q: Is there any client action required

A: No client action is required. Egencia will take care of the entire process

Q: How do I know the level of savings made with this service (not applicable in North America)

A: When a refund is received, the company will receive a credit note. The credit note will be issued to the same person/organization that received the invoice for the issued ticket (depending on your settings). If your company is set up with “on account” payment for Air, you will receive a monthly statement

How does the process work for different regions or countries?

North America

When a traveler or arranger cancels a non-refundable flight before the time of travel, an unused ticket credit will be available to use towards the purchase of a future ticket with that airline, minus any cancellation fee

Good to know

  • If you have unused tickets, a message will appear on the home page indicating the number of unused tickets
  • Select your desired flights
  • After clicking checkout on the fare review page, there will be a pop up asking if the person booking the flight wants to redeem an unused ticket

EMEA & India

If a traveller is not boarding a flight, his/her air ticket becomes unused. Some tickets or part of a ticket can still be refunded to the company or the traveller but not all travellers know about it or take the time to request it.

Egencia now systematically refunds unused air tickets to its customers. A dedicated team at Egencia will look at all the eligible tickets for refund. The company or the traveller will receive the refund within about 2 months after the ticket has not been used, based on the form of payment. The form of payment used for the original booking is the one used for the refund. A refund fee will apply at the amount stated in your contract.

Good to know

  • Only tickets sourced from Amadeus will be eligible for refund. LCC content is not applicable
  • For Refundable and Partially Refundable fares: a refund may be available on a portion of the fare, according to the rules and penalties (fare conditions)
  • For Non-refundable tickets: airport taxes may be refunded. For example, if there is a mix of an international and US domestic flight, the airport taxes cannot be refund for the US domestic flight. In addition, some airlines, such as Aeroflot, do not refund airport taxes
  • Egencia refunds the ticket when the savings are higher than the standard refund fee

Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand

Hong Kong

For Refundable tickets: 100% of the cost minus any cancellation penalty, as outlined in the fare rules, is refunded.Refund is processed within 1 month

For Non-Refundable tickets : Only the applicable taxes, as outlined in the fare rules, are refunded.Refund is processed within 1 month


For all tickets and fare types:The traveler has 10 months to use the ticket as per the fare rules.​ After 10 months, if the ticket has not been used by the traveler, any applicable fare and taxes, as outlined in the fare rules, are refunded

Australia and New Zealand

For Refundable tickets: Unused ticket is added to tracking file for reapplication to a future booking.If ticket is not applied to another booking within 10 months, the refund will be processed for 100% of the cost minus any cancelation penalty, as outlined in the fare rules, is refunded

For Non-Refundable tickets: 

Unused ticket is added to tracking file for reapplication to a future booking.​ If ticket is not applied to another booking within 10 months, then the applicable taxes will be refunded

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