31st January 2019

Travel Policy: New updates

We continue to work in the direction of empowering our users to make better decisions and drive compliance and traveler satisfaction. To fulfil this, we are rolling out following policies.

Preferred Airlines

Ability to classify airlines as preferred, non-preferred or forbidden. OOP rules can be classified basis following options

  • Non-preferred in policy if fare is x ( number or %) less than best fare
  • Non-preferred airline always OOP
  • Only preferred airline is in policy

Make fares unselectable

Option to block the selection of certain rates if they are out of policy configurable on Advance purchase, Cabin class, Price above recommended fare, Highest price allowed and Preferred airline.

Reasonable flight policy: Highest Cabin class configuration

Book the best fare option flight amongst the cabin class selected by configuring it under Reasonable flight definition

Good to Know

  • At present, always the cheapest from the reasonable flights is highlighted as best fare basis the options available
  • If ‘Highest cabin class only’ option is configured and business class is allowed as per policy, then best fare flights from business class will be suggested ( if they are compliant and reasonable)