14th July 2017

The App – What’s new?

It might be summer time but the Mobile team is taking no rest!
Here is a quick overview of what we recently released and what’s coming up:

Arrangers, welcome to your Egencia app!
Travel arrangers can search for their travelers and view their travelers’ trips from the app. Imagine: You are enjoying a nice dinner with your friends when a panicky traveler calls you to verify their trip information. First of all, this traveler should download the Egencia app! But in the meantime, no need for you to rush to the first available computer, find the WiFi, log in to the Egencia website and finally retrieve the precious info. In just a few taps, you will save the day without ruining your perfect evening!
Watch the demo videos: English | French

Flight booking with approval in EU and APAC
In May, we announced the support of non-blocking approval for mobile flight bookings in EU and APAC.
We are glad to share that we now support blocking approval as well.
Booking a flight on the go from a mobile device can save time and money – not to mention, remove the stress and frustration of having to find a desktop and a connection!
Travel Managers – if your company has flight booking disabled from the app and you want it re-enabled, please contact your Account Manager or shoot us a note: EgenciaMobileProduct@expedia.com

Note: Approval on mobile was already available for hotel bookings globally and for flight bookings in NA.

Traveling with your team? Start a group trip!
Yes, business trips can be fun! The group trip feature already available on desktop is now live on the app. Invite co-workers and see their travel arrangements; take the same flight, stay at the same hotel and save money by sharing rides. (Also proven a useful tool to avoid traveling with someone: Guess how I never had to sit next to our team’s chatterbox on a 10-hour flight?)
Watch the demo video

What’s coming up?
The team is now focused on bringing Train booking to the app. We will have a first version available for some customers in the US in the coming weeks. We will then add more features progressively until we can on-board all our US clients. Support for other countries will follow, starting with the Netherlands.

To stay up to date, keep coming to the “Updates” section of this site and never miss any product news!

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