23rd July 2018

The app for all

The Egencia app was originally designed with the business travelers’ needs in mind. Over time, it became clear that other users could benefit from the app.

Last year, we launched the arranger view feature, giving arrangers the ability to search for their travelers and view their trips.

(View this article for more details.)

Now, let’s think about Travel Managers. One of the main concerns shared by Traveler Managers is their travelers’ safety. In case of a crisis, they need to be able to locate them as quickly as possible. Crisis can strike anywhere, at any time. That’s why the Traveler Tracker is now accessible directly from the Egencia app, so Travel Managers can run a report and locate their travelers in just a few taps. In case of an emergency, every minute counts.

In our busy lives, we also like to make every minute count. How about leveraging “in-between moments”, like waiting for a coffee or riding the elevator, to get a few things done? Approvers can now approve travel requests from the app in just a few clicks*. Reducing the time between approval request and booking is key to limit the risk of inventory loss or price increase. Giving approvers the means to approve trips directly from the app truly helps reaching that goal.

Dear travelers, fear not: We are also working on some great features to enhance your experience. Stay tuned!

Watch this short video.

* This feature leverages the new approval system. Search for “Approval” on this site to learn more about the rollout. Clients launched on the new approval system, for any product, will be able to use the app approval capability. Approvers will see approval requests for all products on the app.

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