28th August 2018

The app: Cancel and exchange for travelers and arrangers

Your meeting is going really well. So well actually, that it’s running long: You are going to miss your flight. Does that sound familiar?

It’s common for business travelers to have to change their travel plans, often at the last minute. When you cannot easily access a laptop and a connection, it becomes a challenge.

The Egencia app allows travelers to easily modify their reservations by tapping on the “change” button at the bottom of each item card (flight, hotel, car, train) in their itinerary. Proceed to the exchange or cancellation in just a few taps and stay focused on the purpose of your trip, not the logistics.

It gets better: Arrangers can also modify their travelers’ reservations from the app. To access your travelers’ trips, simply tap on “View arranged bookings” from the Trips page, then search for your traveler(s) and click on their trip to open the itinerary. The “change” button is located below each item card.





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