27th February 2020

Rail: Multi passenger bookings launched in UK

Multi passenger bookings

Travel arrangers can now book rail for multi-passengers travelling together in a single booking saving time and eliminating the need to go through the same process booking process for each individual traveler.

  • A simple process like a single passenger booking
  • A guarantee that your travellers can be close together in the train to work or just chat  
  • Much faster for you as you take the hassle away of making the same booking 2, 3 or 6 times!  

How does this work?  

  • You select the main traveller + number of travellers (up to 5) 
  • You get a unique booking reference for all the travellers  
  • Confirmation email received by all the travellers  
  • The approval is sent to the approvers of the main traveller
  • If you need to make any modification or cancellation it will be for the whole trip; each traveller cannot modify or cancel a ticket independently