23rd July 2018

Profile updates coming to North America in August

Egencia will launch new profile cards and profile management functionality for North American clients in August.


  • Launch: 9th August.


These cards will be updated to the new design so they are consistent with the new layout and design.   There are no changes to what you can and can’t view or update on the cards.

  • Payment means card.  Launch: 9th August.
  • Notifications card. Launch: 30th August.
  • Loyalty programmes card.  Launch: 30th August.

A revamp of how you view and update arrangers and approvers will take place with the new ‘arrange and approve’ card on 30th August.   You can read more about the arrange and approve card in this user guide on the Resource Center.  Key things to know about the arrange and approve card:

  • Travelers can choose their own arrangers provided the company setting is activated by the Travel Manager.
  • Self-approval is still an option and can be only managed by Travel Manager of the company.
  • Approval by traveler group is available and can be managed by the Travel Manager.
  • No change to your company’s approval settings.


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