16th May 2018

Profile Management launch update

Following the April update about enhancements to user profiles and the migration to the single global platform, below are the latest updates.


A brand-new feature for clients in EU and APAC that allows users to create their own profiles (with basic information).  Self-registration already exists in North America – we are revamping self-registration for our NA clients which will be a consistent UI worldwide.

  • Pilot group launched in Denmark, US, Canada
  • Coming next: global rollout starting 24th May onwards

Profile search

A new profile search page that returns search results faster.

  • Complete: US, Canada, Australia and Denmark
  • Coming next: rest of EU/APAC, estimated launch from 29th May (dependent on client feedback)

Profile cards

A fresh new design: the new card layout makes it easy to access the information you need to view or update.

Complete: Special documents card activated in China and Hong Kong.

Coming next from end of May and throughout June:

  • ‘Account settings’ card launching from end of May and throughout June. Pilot launch in Denmark first.
  • ‘Frequent traveler accounts’ card (June)
  • ‘Payment means’ card (June)
  • ‘General information’ card (June)
  • ‘Notifications’ card (June)
  • ‘Preferences’ card (June)
  • ‘North America: ‘Arrange and Approve’ and ‘CDFs / Dept.’ cards will be in two waves: 22/05 and 05/06.

Create, disable and enable profiles page

A new layout and design on the page where you create, disable and enable profiles manually on the website.

  • Less information is required to create a new profile – you only need to enter essential information and mandatory information to create user profiles remains as is.
  • An automated welcome email to the new user is sent once the profile is created, saving you time and giving the new person all the information needed to login, create a profile and start using Egencia online.
  • The welcome email can be deactivated on request – please request this from your Account Manager.
  • Pilot group launched in Denmark, US, Canada.
  • Coming next: global rollout, starting from 24th May.


Local language documentation is also available on the ‘Manage’ and ‘Basics’ pages of the Resource Centre.

For all users of Egencia:

For Travel Managers:

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