11th February 2019

Password policy- important updates

As part of our continued efforts to improve user security, we are rolling out improvements to passwords globally. We have two options available-

Default password policy:  It is applicable to all the companies at the time of creation. However, TM can edit the values from company profile settings.

Recommended password policy: It is stricter than Default policy and is shown as a recommendation on the password policy page.

Good to know

  1. Minimum no.of characters: Default-7, Recommended-8
  2. Special Characters: Default-optional, Recommended-minimum 1
  3. Numeric Characters: Default: minimum 1, Recommended-minimum 1
  4. Upper case: Default: minimum 1, Recommended- minimum 1
  5. Password expiry:Default- 180 days, Recommended- 90 days
  6. Maximum no.of valid attempts: Default- 6, Recommended-6
  7. Password history: Default- Last 3 passwords can’t be reused, Recommended-4