27th February 2019

New updates: Egencia Hotel Conversations, Egencia Air and Hotel packages and Egencia Traveler Tracker

Egencia Hotel Conversations enables seamless, two-way communication between business travelers and their hotel. Business travelers can ask questions, confirm details, and share updated travel plans at any step of their journey through the Egencia app in real time. Hoteliers can also contact their guests, sending a warm welcome message or offer additional services such as treatments ahead of arrival.

Egencia Air and Hotel packages leverages the capabilities of Expedia Group and its relationship with hoteliers. By selecting a packaged air and hotel deal, companies benefit from a lower overall trip cost while business travelers unlock access to more top-rated hotels that may otherwise be out of policy. Once business travelers book their flight, they will see recommended special rate hotels available to book immediately or within 10 days.

With duty of care vitally important, travel managers rely on Egencia Traveler Tracker to instantly see where their employees are in the world. The added regional search capability allows travel managers to search a larger geographic area by simply drawing a circle or square over the online map, and immediately see if any of their employees are in an area showing a deep freeze or cold wave for example.

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