8th November 2017

New profile cards for North America

Following the launch of new user profile design in Europe and Asia-Pacific, we’re bringing the new look to our clients in North America.  The rollout will start with a select group of clients from 8th November onward, with more clients getting the new profile cards in phases.   Cards will also be activated in phases so you will see a mix of new the design introduced over the coming weeks.

This release aims to give our clients the same functionality and user experience, bringing:

  • Enhanced security: name change restrictions for fraud prevention purposes.
  • A fresh new design: the new card layout makes it easy to access the information you need to view or update.
  • A seamless global experience: The same experience to create and manage users’ profiles across the globe if you are a Travel Manager or administrator.

We’ve provided a quick overview guide for our clients, please download the PDF below.

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Download PDF