12th October 2018

New profile cards launch: Focus on enhanced user experience

With an aim towards giving our users consistent experience with benefits like ease to find information and standardization across all profiles, we are rolling out following cards with new design and layout.

  • Notifications Card– This card will consist of the following features-
  1. Expiry Alerts: Notifications sent to the user reminding them their travel documents are about to expire. This feature is new for NA.
  2. Calendar Sync Settings: No major changes to functionality.
  3. Marketing Communications: These are emails sent to the users as defined by the company or user profile settings. There is no change to the type of communications that can be subscribed to in this roll out.
  4. Flight Alerts: These are notifications sent to the users related to flight delay/cancellation, gate change, check-in reminder etc. Emails and SMS is used to send these alerts. This feature is only available in NA.
  5. Reservation Emails: These settings determine what emails the user (and arranger) receive. Email recipients can be set for receiving purchase notifications and travel receipts etc.
  • Loyalty Card– This card is used to manage Loyalty and Subscription cards of a user where-in you can view and manage the programs for air, hotel, train and car that the user is subscribed to.
  • Preferences– The following features will be deprecated as part of this new roll out-
  1. Train preferences in both EU and NA
  2. Reporting Preferences
  3. Mobile Activation setting
  • Account Settings Card
  1. New roll out for EU
  2. Password Reset Option for TDs is BACK– This option has been reinstated in the product.
  3. Users would not be able to edit their emails (like first and last names)

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