30th January 2018

New Mobile SSO solution will launch to all remaining clients mid-February

The new mobile Single Sign-On (SSO) solution allows Egencia app users to login with their work credentials instead of a dedicated username and password. The login process is handled by the company’s appointed identity provider.

This feature was released in December last year and offered to clients upon request: https://productinfo.egencia.com/updates/single-sign-clients-can-now-adopt-new-app-login-experience/

On January 29th, we enabled all North American SSO clients using HR feeds. About 40% of our SSO clients are now using the new solution.

The final phase of this rollout is planned for mid-February: All remaining SSO clients will be enabled.

Once a company is enabled, users can start using the “SSO Login” option on the login screen and will be guided step by step throughout the login process.

Note: App users can still login using their previous username and password, even when the new solution is enabled for their company, by choosing “Mobile Login” instead of “SSO Login”. Check the user guide for additional details.


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