20th August 2019

New Lufthansa Group Economy Light fares available in September 2019 and British Airways in UK from 1st November 2019

We’re excited to announce two major developments. From 23rd September 2019, Egencia customers in France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Netherland, Sweden and Denmark will have access to Economy Light fares from Lufthansa Group and from 1st November 2019, onwards from British Airways in UK on cheapest published basic fare in economy.

This new content gives your travellers access to lower cost fare options with flexibility to choose content not available on GDS.

 Key Points

  • You also save 16€ surcharge imposed by Lufthansa Group on Economy Light fares with Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines and Austrian Airlines.
  • New Economy Light fares for Lufthansa and basic fares in economy for British Airways displayed in the same way flight results are shown today on the Egencia website. You will not lose visibility of other fare options you see with Egencia.
  • The ability to compare existing content from low-cost carriers and scheduled airlines with this new Lufthansa and British Airways content giving your travellers more choice and flexibility for air travel.
  • Support when you need it. Egencia customer services will be available to help travellers with adding bags and seat selection (chargeable by Lufthansa), flight disruptions such as schedule changes or cancellations and cancellation refunds (where available in Lufthansa’s terms).

Both Lufthansa Group and British Airways NDC fares are  available via New Distribution Capability (NDC)


  1. What is available with this NDC offering for both Lufthansa and British Airways?
  • Access to Economy light fares for Lufthansa, Austrian & Swiss Airlines.
  • Cheapest published basic fare in economy for British Airways
  • For Lufthansa, light fares are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. For British Airways, fares are non-refundable but changeable with a penalty (determined by the airline).
  • Mobile app booking available
  • Both domestic and international travel covered
  • Your company’s Travel policy applied
  • Your company’s current payment means are supported
  • Reporting data is available
  • Support for Duty of care with Egencia Travel Tracker
  • For Lufthansa, you can add a bag during booking
  1. What is not available with NDC fares?
  • Booking for multiple passengers at once
  • Multi-city bookings
  • Adding a bag after booking
  • As with other low-cost carriers booked by customers with Egencia today, approval does not apply to these bookings. Approvers will receive a notification email as usual.
  • Same day cancellation of the booking, add bag, seat, meal preferences can be updated by contacting your Egencia Customer Services team.
  • While your company’s travel policy is applied and visible to travellers when booking, these fares are not included in the Best Fare Option / Price benchmark calculation on the flight results page today.
  1. What is New Distribution Capability (NDC) and how do these fares relate to NDC?NDC is an initiative by airlines to bring new fare options to business travellers via direct connections between airlines and travel providers .

      4. Will other airline content via NDC be available to customers?

      This announcement is for availability of Lufthansa and British Airways NDC fares in the countries   noted above.Want to know more about what NDC means for business travel?  Learn more about how Egencia is putting customers first in our NDC efforts here.

5. Can I opt-out of this Lufthansa and British Airways content? Can I opt out of all NDC      content?

Yes, your company can opt out of NDC fares. While all fare terms and restrictions will be displayed to    travellers as usual prior to booking, we understand some customers may not want access to this new  content. To opt-out of this new Lufthansa Group and British Airways NDC or any NDC  content going forward, please contact your Account Manager. If you are unsure of who your Account Manager is, please contact Egencia Customer Services for assistance.

Please note, should you opt out of any NDC content such as these Lufthansa and British Airways fares, you opt out of all NDC content.  You can opt in or opt out to NDC content at any time by contacting your Egencia Account Manager.

6. What is the Egencia ‘Air booking – nonstandard’ fee and how does this differ from  ‘Low Cost booking’?

You will begin to see the ‘Air booking – nonstandard’ fee beginning 1st November 2019. This ‘Air booking – nonstandard’ fee will replace the historical ‘Low Cost booking’ fee. The ‘Air booking – nonstandard’ fee will apply for all existing low-cost fares and future NDC bookings.

7.Will I be subject to the Lufthansa 16€ surcharge for Light fares?

The 16€ surcharge that Lufthansa has decided to add to the traditional distribution channels will not apply for these light fares. Aside from the Egencia transaction fee, these Light fares will mirror the fares posted on Lufthansa.com. The ‘Air booking – nonstandard’ fee will apply to these Light fares.

8.What about the other ‘standard’ Lufthansa fares – any changes?

For other ‘standard’ Lufthansa fares nothing changes – the transaction fees, approval process, and servicing remains as it is today. For these other ‘standard’ Lufthansa fares (the non ‘Light fares’), your regular air booking fees will continue to apply. These will still carry the 16€ surcharge that Lufthansa has imposed on distribution channels.

9. Will Egencia charge a service fee for utilizing NDC content?

From 23rd September when the Lufthansa Group content is launched, your existing ‘Low Cost booking’ fee will apply.  From 1st November 2019, an ‘Air booking – nonstandard’ fee will apply to all low-cost airlines and future NDC partners.

10.When selecting these fares, can a traveler put a booking “on hold” (Need more time to think)?

No, these fares are instantly confirmed and booked with the airline. Travelers will not have the ability to put a reservation “on hold”.

11.How are fare cancellations managed, are they refundable?

For Lufthansa, Light fares are non-refundable, non-exchangeable. In case of British Airways, they are non- refundable but changeable with a penalty (imposed by the airline). For more information, please contact your Egencia Customer Services team.

12.Will I still get the airline tracking code with these fares?

Yes, airline tracking codes will be included in the booking.

13.How is payment made for these fares?

Your company’s current payment means are supported. Customers with lodge card payment:  Egencia will bill the card in the same way the card is billed for other low-cost airlines i.e. directly between Egencia and your company.

14.Will I still see these bookings in Egencia Traveler Tracker for emergencies?

Booking data is captured into the Egencia Traveler Tracker tool when purchasing through Egencia (website or customer service)

15.Can we book these fares on Egencia’s app?

Yes, you can book these NDC fares on the app.