22nd August 2017

New home page live in NA

The new home page is live in North America!

What will you like about it?
Responsive design displays perfectly on any screen size and orientation. Users on mobile, tablet, or desktop have the same experience.
– Flight and hotel search forms take advantage of Expedia’s robust search services, providing matching suggestions for input destinations.
Unused tickets shown as a reminder to travelers and arrangers.
Messages from your company communicate important travel program details to travelers.

Watch a short demo video here.

Upcoming enhancements:

– Search by Egencia Itinerary number: It is currently possible to search for a Trip using the Egencia Itinerary number on the Trips page. In the coming weeks, this will become available on the home page directly.

– Profile search made more visible: Right now, Profile can be accessed by clicking on the arrow in the right corner of the header. Travel Managers can also access Profile by clicking on “Search users” in the “Tools” section of the header. In a future release, we will make the profile search more visible on the home page.

This new version of the home page is currently available for NA clients who do not have Meetings enabled.
We will keep you posted once we start rolling it out for Meetings and other regions.

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