24th June 2017

New global flights search page

It’s not about searching. It’s about finding.
To speed up your flights search process, we are making enhancements to the search page so you can get
faster to what really matters: finding the perfect flights for your next trip!

The new page is accessible from the header under ‘Book’, then ‘Flights’ and is already live in NA*. It will be
launched progressively across EU and APAC* in the coming weeks.

Targeted launch schedule – please note that dates may change:
Mid-June: Czech Republic; Finland; Italy;Netherlands; Philippines; Poland; Spain; Turkey
Late June: Australia; Belgium; China; India; Ireland; Singapore
Mid-July: Denmark; France; Germany; Hong Kong; Norway; Sweden; Switzerland; United Kingdom

*NA: All customers except those with Meetings enabled
EU/APAC: All customers except those with T&E enabled

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