21st February 2018

New Air Shopping experience Launch update

Are you ready for one unique shopping experience to book your flights online?

The plan has slightly moved so we wanted to give you an update.

We recently launched customers in Europe (France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Ireland), APAC (India & United Arab Emirates) and some customers in North America. 

We are now launching all customers in March:

  • For customers in APAC (Australia & New Zealand): look out for it from the 12th of March
  • For customers in North America: look out for it between the 7th of March and the 14th of March
  • For customers in Europe:
    • NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, FINLAND, BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, SPAIN: look out for it from the 5th of March
    • The UK, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND TURKEY: look out for it from the 12th of March

If you are booking for multiple travelers, the new air shopping is also almost there… before end of Q1 you will be able to use it!

And as a reminder:

How will you benefit from the new flight shopping experience?

  • An improved user experience based on your behavior – through test & learn
  • Switch from your Smartphone, to your laptop or tablet seamlessly
  • Updated results on any industry changes integrated and available more quickly

Here are the few features added to the new flight shopping experience over the last month:

  • Highlighted Negotiated Rates
  • Branded Fares: a larger choice of fares and details on fare attributes
  • Search by Airline Alliance
  • Seat Map on results page

Please send us any comments you may have via the feedback tab on your website!