29th August 2018

New Air Policy (EU/APAC)

Egencia will launch new air policy in September and October for EU/APAC.

  • Highest Cabin Class

You can define the default cabin class for booking flights. The options available are-Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. You can add multiple exceptions to the default cabin class based on location, duration and domestic/international and choose to include stopover in the duration exceptions.

  • Out of policy destination

You can define the route for which air travel is out of policy with an option to apply both ways or just one way. This policy can be defined for any number of locations and can be defined at airport, city, country or continent level.

  • Advance Purchase 

This policy gives you an option to configure criteria that anything booked ‘x’ days in advance is out of policy and the range can be between 1-21 days. Advance purchase policy can also be defined at geography level (domestic, intracontinental and intercontinental).

  • Reasonable Flight Definition

This policy allows companies to set their definition of a reasonable flight and following are the two different variants:

  1. Geography (Domestic, Intracontinental and Intercontinental)
  2. Flight Duration (Short Haul, Medium Haul and Long Haul) including the stopover time
  • Reasonable Flight Definition- Parameters

The following parameters are available to define a reasonable flight-

Maximum connections: This setting allows you to specify a maximum number of flight connections. Any flight with more than the specified number of connections will be unreasonable.

Maximum trip duration: This setting allows to specify maximum trip duration. Any flight combination that exceeds the specified percentage of trip duration will be unreasonable.

Maximum time window: This setting allows you to specify the time window extension permitted from the traveler’s selected departure time.


Best Fare Option

The goal of the new Best Fare Option is to provide a flight option that balances you company’s flight policy, convenience and price.

 Important points to know:

  1. Only allowed or default cabin class is considered while deciding the new logical fare.
  2. Maximum number of connections capped are two.

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