31st October 2017

Interact with your global air data online – Introducing the Air Analytics Workspace

We are excited to announce the launch of our new visual and interactive Air Analytics Workspace, part of the Egencia Travel Intelligence Suite. This dashboard is the first step in our broader effort to deliver continuous reporting and data value to our customers.

How to find it:

  • Login to www.egencia.com
  • Navigate to Online Reporting and the Travel Intelligence Dashboard
  • Click on the new Workspaces link at the top of the dashboard in order to access it

What does it feature:

  • Enhanced interactive visuals, filters, and drill-down capabilities
  • All data available in the Standard “Air Details” report plus some additional savings columns
  • Data for all companies along with data for all their global Egencia POS (does not include Egencia Global Alliance partner data)
  • Ability to access and view data going back to 2014
  • The ability to export raw data

Who can use it:

  • Any user with a Travel Manager or Travel Director role

A client user guide is available in 7 languages in the Reporting section of the How to Manage Travel page of the Egencia Resource Center. A demo video is also available to watch in English in the same section.

This is live for all clients globally.

For additional information on the Air Analytics Workspace, click the Learn More button below.

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