29th August 2018

HR feed: change to email report

For security and data protection reasons, Egencia will change how clients with the HR feed receive reports after an update.  The rollout of this change will start from 24th September onwards.

What’s changing? 

All clients with a HR feed will need to log into the website to download the report, it will no longer be sent by email.  

Each client with a HR feed will be contacted to confirm the change.

What do I need to do?

If you receive the report today you will need to check that are you able to log into the website and view the ‘Bulk Data Management’ page.  This is where the report will be available to download.

Egencia is checking all report recipients to validate that they have the correct role / permissions to view the Bulk Data Management page and will be able to retrieve the report.

Will I still receive a notification when a file has processed?

Yes, Egencia will send you an email confirmation once a file has processed.  The primary change is the report will no longer be attached to the email.


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