4th June 2018

Hotel results: faster display

You think booking a hotel is taking too long?

Shopping for hotels has never been faster! Based on your feedback and comments, we are now displaying hotels results progressively, so you can start shopping more quickly.

How does that work ?

  • First there is an initial call to our hotel inventory system to gather the main information, such as hotel name and location, to be able to display it very fast (with preferred hotels always on top)
  • In parallel we continue to pull the additional information such as the rates, the tripadvisor comments and other attributes that can take usually longer to display.
  • This way you can start looking at the hotel you want based on the location and then you can use the other information to narrow down your selection.
  • A blue bar on top of the results shows the progression of the loading process.

This should reduce the time you spend booking a hotel so can focus on other tasks!