15th March 2018

Hotel Checkout redesign: Rollout update

We are launching the new Hotel Checkout page throughout Q2. With this new page we are able to provide a globally consistent and faster overall booking experience for customers.  More specifically, we have redesigned the flow to highlight the information that matters. In North America, the redesign means we have reduced the number of pages from 3 to 1 by consolidating rate details, trip preferences, and billing details into a single page.

As we roll out the new Hotel Checkout page the process of booking several items for the same trip will change. One key change occurs in the case when a flight is purchased with a hotel; until we launch the new Flight Checkout page, each trip item will need to be purchased separately. This will result in two changes; first we will remove the “add hotel” capability in the booking path and second, customers with approval enabled will receive an email per item for both booking and approval email notifications.

We will continue to improve the booking experience to make it as fluid as possible for travelers.  As a first step we will add the ability to auto-complete the hotel search form with destination and date information from the flight.