24th January 2019

Hotel approval update January 2019

In late 2017 and throughout 2018, Egencia began to move all clients onto the new approval platform  By the end of 2018, more than 90% of all clients were using the new hotel approval workflows.   Provided below is a status update on the hotel approval roll-out, along with resources and answers to common questions.



Egencia’s clients gave us feedback throughout 2018 that the changes to hotel approval, although welcome in terms of new features, impacted room availability and in a small number of instances, price changes as Egencias has connections to real time hotel availability.

The new pre-approval process meant that Egencia no longer confirmed the hotel booking straight away once the hotel was booked on the site.  Rather, we waited for the approver to act or the deadline to pass before confirming the room with the hotel.

We have listened to your feedback and from 30th January, all clients in EU/APAC will be moved to a post-booking approval.  Clients can do this today on the site before the global change if they wish to do it earlier.

For clients in North America, hotel pre-booking approval will not be changing and in future, we will offer post-booking hotel approval.



  • Q: What is post-booking hotel approval?
  • A: Egencia will automatically confirm the room booking with the hotel as soon as you book on the website, app or with Customer Service.


  • Q: What is my approver doesn’t act, is my room still booked?
  • A: This depends on your company’s configuration.  Travel Managers can check the setting on the website on the approval configuration page:

Deny by default: if the approver doesn’t approve or reject the booking before the approval deadline, Egencia will cancel the booking.

Approval by default: if the approver doesn’t approve or reject the booking before the approval deadline, the hotel is still booked and confirmed.


  • Q: When I have booked the hotel room with Egencia will the price change?
  • A: moving to this new approval flow means the booking is reserved with the hotel and Egencia at the price you see when you confirm the booking on the website.


  • Q: What is the timeline to approve?
  • A: 7 days to approve or to the start of the trip, whoever is earliest. ‘Start’ defined as from midnight on day of stay.


  • Q: What about non-refundable hotels and cancellation penalties?  
  • A: policies are highlighted prior to booking.  Non-refundable hotels/cancellation penalties will be chargeable.


  • Q: Can we still mix and match approval for different types of travel?
  • Y: yes, you still have the option to mix and match approval for products, so can still turn approval for hotel on or off.



Local language documentation is also available on the ‘Manage’ page of the Resource Centre.

Download the guide for Travel Managers

Download the guide for approvers

Watch the videos to guide you through the new approval options: