4th December 2019

Egencia’s Savings Finder for Air

Savings Finder for Air unlocks more value for corporate travel programs by applying machine learning technology to automatically track price variations and rebook tickets without any action from the business traveler or arranger.  Since the launch of Savings Finder for air in 2019, customers have saved millions of dollars and Egencia estimates total savings could double by the end of 2020.

We’re excited to announce that customers will benefit from even more potential savings and value with Savings Finder for air as Egencia extends the service to include post-ticketing optimisation.Customers in Belgium, Netherlands and Singapore will have the extended re-shopping time period activated in December and more countries will follow in the coming months.

Q: What action do I need to take?

Customers that already benefit from Savings finder for air will automatically have post-ticketing optimisation included as part of the service.

Q: Define ‘Egencia’s Savings Finder for Air’

A: Airlines manage ticket prices dynamically and all fares are subject to fluctuations after they are booked. Egencia’s Savings Finder for air automatically monitors booked fares for an extended time for optimisation opportunities.

Q: What is the time window in which Egencia Savings finder for air will work?

A: From the time a traveller or arranger books a ticket until check-in,  Egencia looks for any price drops and rebooks the optimised fare accordingly, both pre-ticketing and post-ticketing.

Q: How does Savings Finder for air work?

A:   The traveller or arranger books a flight (online or offline).  Egencia scans eligible tickets to check any price drops and if a lower price is found, we automatically book the new ticket. Updated fare details are sent to traveller.

Q: Will I still get my assigned seat if when the lower fare ticket is issued?

A: Egencia rebooks the flight and in most cases, they rebook the same seat.  If they are not able to get the same seat, they will rebook the nearest available similar type seat.   Remember that airlines only reduce prices on flights that are not selling well, so we will most likely be able to get the same seat. ​

Q: If I have purchased any ancillary items such as bags, upgraded seats etc., will those be affected?

A: No, what you have added to your original booking will be the same.

Q: What type of tickets and fare types are included?

A:  With Egencia’s Savings Finder for air, only refundable tickets are optimised and low-cost carriers are not included in this service as they are instantly ticketed by the airlines.

Q: Can I measure savings with Egencia Analytics Studio and reporting?

A:  Yes, you can track what tickets are optimized and access reports that show savings details for each individual traveler.

Q: When will this service be available?

A: The pre-ticketing version of Egencia’s savings finder for air is already live in EMEA, APAC and North America. In December 2019, we’ll be releasing the post-ticketing version of this feature in Belgium, Netherlands and Singapore first with other countries to follow.



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