23rd August 2018

Egencia Single Sign-On (SSO): IMPORTANT change for all SSO clients

Egencia is updating its security certificate used for Single Sign-on (SSO) access to the website.  The existing certificate will expire on 26th October after which only the new certificate will be accepted.

When will my company migrate?

The rollout will happen in four phases.  All Travel Managers that have SSO websites will receive an email from Egencia to confirm migration dates.

What action do you need to take?

No action if your company isn’t using Egencia’s certificate for SSO access to the website.

If your company is using Egencia’s certificate, to ensure your travellers can still access Egencia to book travel, please ask your IT team to update the settings within the date period provided in the email communication.

Steps to upgrade certificate

  1. Get the new certificate metadata from here.
  2. Update the certificate on the identity provider’s system.
  3. After saving the new certificate, your IT team should attempt to login via SSO.
  4. Send confirmation email to EgenciaSSOCertUpdate@expedia.com. Please include your company’s name and identity provider in the email.

 Need support?

If you need support, you can email us at  EgenciaSSOCertUpdate@expedia.com.

Please include your company’s name and identity provider in the email.

Technical support will be provided between the following hours:

  • PDT (Seattle): 20:30 –  10:30
  • CEST (Paris): 05:30 – 19:30
  • BST (London): 04:30 – 18:30
  • CDT (Chicago): 22:30 – 12:30
  • AEST (Sydney): 13:30 – 03:30
  • IST (India): 08:30 – 23:00



  1. Are we impacted by certificate expiration?
    You are impacted only if:
  • You validate our signature in SAML request
  • You encrypt SAML assertion


  1. What will happen if we do not update the certificate?
    All users in your company will be unable to access Egencia.


  1. Is there any change required by Egencia once we update the certificate?
    No, there is no change required after clients update the certificate.


  1. How can we test if certificate update is successful?
    Attempt to access Egencia via the normal single sign-on way. If this works, the certificate update has been successful.  If this fails, please contact our Technical Support team to assist.


  1. What to do if SSO starts to fail after the certificate upgrade?
  • You can restore to the previous version of the certificate. This is available here.
  • Send a mail to EgenciaSSOCertUpdate@expedia.com Please include your company name and identity provider.