11th September 2019

Billing data file: Process update

What’s changing?

Invoice-related data (aggregate of your company’s booking for a given month for air, car, rail and hotel) will now be delivered via the Egencia Portal. Billing Data Files will no longer be sent via email. The format of the file will not change.

How do I access the Egencia Portal?

You will receive, based on your delivery timeline preference, an email (sent to the same preferred email used previously) with a unique link for you to access the Egencia portal. You will login to the Egencia Portal using your Egencia credentials. Note that access to the File will require a Travel Director or Accountant profile role. If you have questions, please contact your Account Manager.

How long will Billing Data Files be stored?

Billing Data Files are accessible via the Portal for a maximum of 4 months, on a rolling basis.

When will this change occur?

You will be able to access your Billing Data Files through the Egencia Portal starting in Q3-2019. For the few months following this change Egencia will send both the Billing Data File and the link to the Portal as via email. However, going forward, you will receive only the Portal link via email.