30th January 2018

Automated ‘welcome email’ for new Egencia users

If you’re a Travel Manager or you administrate profiles on Egencia, you can now save yourself some time: instead of sending an email manually to the new user, let Egencia do that for you.

The new ‘welcome email’ from Egencia is completely automated.  Each time you create a new user profile using the Bulk Management tool, an email is sent to the new user with key information to get them logged in and started with the site:

  • Username / login
  • Link to Egencia, including unique Single Sign-on addresses
  • Reminder to download Egencia’s app
  • Customer Services contact information

Welcome email is available to clients who are activated with the new user profile cards and who create profiles using the Bulk Data Management tool in the initial release.  Launching from 31st January 2018 onwards.

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