29th August 2018

Approval updates: post-booking and rail approval launch

Post-booking approval introduction

Post-booking approval gives the traveler / arranger the opportunity to reserve the price and inventory at the point of checkout on the website.  Egencia confirms the reservation with the supplier immediately.  If the approver rejects the trip, we’ll cancel it (supplier terms and conditions apply).

Egencia will start post-booking approval rollout for hotel in October.  There is no intention to release post-booking approval for rail.




  • Pre-booking: launched nearly 100% in North America and 85% in EU/APAC.
  • Post-booking: rollout starts in October. Clients that are not activated on the new hotel approval system will receive both pre and post-booking approval options at the same time.


  • Pre-booking approval: launch in the UK in September.
  • Post-booking approval: not available for rail and no plans to develop.

AIR:  to be migrated in 2018. Pre and post-booking to be confirmed.

CAR: to be migrated in 2018. Pre and post-booking to be confirmed.



  • Pre-booking approval workflow will be available for rail. There is no plan to launch post-booking approval for rail.

Key changes to UK rail approval:

  • There is no longer a 23-hour approval time limit for all rail bookings. In many instances this means the approver will have longer to approve a rail booking than today (subject to how far in advance the booking is made).
  • Travelers no longer have to wait for an approver to take action before they can book another rail trip.



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