30th November 2018

App login enhancement for SSO users: Live for all clients early December

Early December, all SSO (Single Sign-On) clients will get access to this enhancement, allowing app users to remain logged-in for a longer period of time (90 days by default).

Key benefits:

  • SSO login is safe and convenient: Users can login with their usual work credentials through your company’s identity provider.
  • To increase your employees’ satisfaction, Egencia is releasing an enhancement to the SSO login experience.
    • Travelers will remain logged-in for a period of time that can be customized at company level.
    • The default setting is 90 days (same as for non-SSO users).
    • If an employee is no longer authorized to access Egencia, they will not be able to access the Egencia app.

Please contact your Account Manager if you want to change the default setting of 90 days.

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