24th October 2018

An improved user experience to finalize your flight bookings globally

In the next coming weeks, you will see some changes happening when you finalize a flight booking! This new checkout page will bring much more consistency in the overall experience you have when booking a flight, and should simplify the confirmation process.

You will get a clear view on all the information required to finalize your booking:

  • Traveller’s information (depending on your destination): Passeport, address at destination, frequent flyer number…
  • Company’s information: Cost Centers, legal entity, employee number…
  • Flight information: ticketing, payment, notifications…
  • In case of a multi-passengers booking, all these information will be displayed per traveler.

*Note:  all the information already set up in your Profile or company settings will be automatically pre-populated in this page

Is there any changes i need to be aware of? 

  • The feature called “reserve” or “on hold” has been renamed: “Need more time to think?”
    • The ticketing date being more accurate when the booking is done, we removed the ability to change the ticketing date at checkout  time.  The date will be visible on the trips page.
    • If you have an approval process, this “Need more time to think” feature will not be available
  • Specific to EMEA & APAC customers: Pre-ticketing modification is no longer available – you will need to cancel and rebook another flight

When are these changes happening? 

  • If you are based in North America: from November 2018 to January 2019 (US) and January 2019 (Canada)
  • If you are based in EMEA: End of November and December 2018
  • If you are based in APAC: January and February 2019

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