22nd May 2018

Air shopping: adding features for EU & APAC

Based on your feedback, we have added some very useful features to improve your overall experience on the new shopping path :

You know when you need to arrive at destination but not sure when you want to leave?

  • You will get the ability to book an outbound & inbound flight with a different level of fare flexbility (example: non redunfable & fully flexible) to adapt to your travel constraints.
  • Once on the pricing page, you will get a link below the fare options with “show fares with mix flexibility”; after clicking on it, the various fare opions will be added to the list of fares available. Make your choice!

You are booking a flight with a Low Cost Carriers but need to include a checked bag?

  • Add your checked bag online! The same way you already do it for a regular airline: on the pricing page, you will see the “Add hold bag” with the price linked to it.
  • You just have to click on it: it’s fast and automatically added to the total price!