26th November 2019

Air approval update in North America

Following the new approval configuration available for hotel, car and rail in North America over the last year, in the coming months approval for air trips will be available on the new approval configuration page of the website.   

Starting from 4th December 2019, Egencia will start migrating customers to the new air approval configuration, beginning with ticketless airlines first.  All other airline approval requests will migrate from January 2020. 

What action do I need to take?  

Egencia will migrate your existing air approval settings and customers do not need to reconfigure approval for ticketless carriers following the migration. 

What’s new and enhancements?  

  • A new reminder email to approvers as the approval deadline approaches to remind them to act on the request.  
  • Egencia will automatically confirm the booking with the airline when the trip is approved, saving travelers time as they no longer need to log into the website to finalize the booking after the trip has been confirmed as they do today.  
  • A new option to approve or deny trips by default if the approver has not actioned the approval request at the approval deadline.  
  • All customers will be migrated to the new feature called ‘deny by default’.  This means that when the approval deadline is reached, Egencia will automatically cancel the booking. 
  • Approvers will have three days and up to one hour to departure time, whichever is earliest, to approve or deny the approval request.  

Good to know 

  • Customers with price change thresholds (previously known as ‘autobook threshold’) today will have those migrated as part of the change while the ‘reapproval threshold’ will no longer be available.  
  • Between the approval request being sent to the approver and the approval deadline, there is a risk that the flight cost may change – this is the same behavior in place today for ticketless carriers.  
  • As we simplify and rationalize approval configuration for customers globally, there are existing features that will no longer be available due to low usage today.  These are documented below.  


Differences by carrier type

Q: How will approval for ticketless carriers work?

A: Bookings for ticketless carriers will trigger approval and the approval request will be sent prior to reservation being confirmed with the airline. The reservation with the airline will be finalized only after approval is granted.

Q: How will approval for regular carriers work?

A. Reservations with regular carriers will also trigger approval and the approval request will be sent after the reservation is made with the airline. This reserves the seat while the approval request is in progress and does not reserve the price which is subject to change by the airline.  Tickets will be issued on approval confirmation

Price threshold

Q: What will happen to a booking if the airline increases the price after an approval request is sent to the approver?

A. The booking and ticketing process will occur, uninterrupted, unless a price increase exceeds the customer-defined price (change) threshold (previously known as autobook thresholds) Customers re strongly recommended to set-up price change thresholds within traveler groups.

Re-approval threshold

Q: Will re-approval threshold be used on new approval configuration?

A. Only the price change thresholds within traveler groups will be used on new approval configuration and the re-approval threshold is no longer available post-migration

Approval deadlines

Q: How much time will approvers have to act?

A. Approvers have three days or one hour before departure time, whichever is earlier, to act on an approval request. This time period is called the “approval deadline”.

Q: What happens if approvers don’t act?

A. The booking will be approved or denied by default, depending on the configuration customers choose on the website to suit their businesses. All customers will be migrated to deny by default but can elect to change the setting to approve by default.  Customers can change their settings on the configuration page of the website.

Approve by Default

Q: Is there any benefit for my company to change to approve by default? If yes, what?

A. Approve by default is the recommended approval workflow for customers. Customers will benefit from changing to approval by default as this will reduce the risk of bookings being cancelled should the approver not act before the approval timeline expires.

Q: How should I move to approve by default?

A. Contact your Account Manager to move to “approve by default” before the launch of new approval workflow. After the migration, Travel Managers can update their settings on approval configuration page of the website.

Bypass approval

Q: My company has enabled bypass approval for Custom Data Field (CDF). Will this update impact their settings?

A. Bypass approval by CDF has been removed already for hotel, rail and car – and will not be available for air This means that air bookings will no longer bypass approval if linked to a CDF value.

Automated booking for travelers

Q: What happens when the approver has approved the trip, will the traveler need to take any action?

A. One of the benefits of this new approval workflow is that once an approver has confirmed the booking, Egencia will automatically confirm the reservation with the supplier. This means that travelers no longer need to log into the website to finalize the booking, saving them time.

Policy violations

Q: Will violation of traveler limit policy trigger approval?

A. Booking will be prohibited when the travel limit policy is violated. In this situation no approval would be generated because the booking would not be allowed.

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