5th July 2018

Account settings profile card: username, email and password changes

Egencia has launched the next update to profiles in the UK, United States and Canada.

This release is to clients that do not have Single Sign-on activated and is currently in the initial pilot phase of the global rollout.

Important functional updates to know:

  1. Changes to usernames and email addresses
  • Updates to username and email addresses can only be updated by admin roles (Travel Managers, ‘Manage User’)
  • Users cannot update their own usernames in their profiles.
  • Users cannot update their own email addresses in their profiles.
  • Username and email addresses cannot be updated for inactive, pending or deleted profiles.
  1. Allow username and email address changes

As part of increased security parameters users (except TDs/TMs and manage users) cannot edit their email addresses or usernames on their Egencia profiles. This is the default setting on the new profile.

There are exceptions available to clients:

  1. You can request a permanent deactivation and allow any user to change his/her email address ongoing.
  2. You can request a grace period exemption where any new users to the site can edit their email addresses for a 30-day period only.

Clients today that have either of the above exemptions for name changes will automatically have the exemptions applied for email address changes too.

If you require an exemption, please contact your Account Manager.

  1. Email notification changes
  • If an email address or username is updated, a confirmation email is sent to the individual to confirm the change. This email includes the new email address or username for the account.
  1. Password changes
  • For security reasons, no user can change a password for any other user. This includes Travel Managers and those with ‘Manage User’ roles.
  • If a user has forgotten his/her profile, the password can be reset by accessing the login page of Egencia and using the ‘forgot username/password’ link.

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